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Baked goods

baked goods with tradition


Made according to the traditional Nordfjord recipe. They can vary from village to village. The fill in the pancake is made from mixing butter and icing sugar flavoured with a little vanilla sugar and sour cream. Eaten with gombe (curds and whey) and you have a real treat.


The tradition of eating pancakes with fish is not particularly long-established in this part of the country, but for the past 25 years, we have served them with lutafisk (boiled preserved cod) on Christmas day. A lefse pancake filled with fish, potato, carrot and good butter is delicious. And lefse is a must with rakfisk (partially fermented trout). Tip: Butter the lefse with wild garlic butter, and add slices of smoked salmon, roll and enjoy!


Baked according to the recipe we have used here at Aabrekk farm for generations. We boil potatoes and mash them, then add oatmeal that has been soaked overnight, fine and wholemeal flour, salt and skimmed milk. This dough is then made into delicious flatbread. It goes well with fish and cured meat. In the summer, we break the flatbread into small pieces and place them in a deep plate and add cultured milk and a little sugar.
Delicious summer food!


Made according to a traditional recipe.
Butter the potato cakes with good butter, and add slices of smoked salmon and sour cream, roll and enjoy!